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The 3 Powerful Pillars we use to increase your productivity in the workplace


Wellness connections encourage you, The Employer to look at wellness from a complete spectrum to include the 3 fundamental elements of wellbeing – Nutrition, Movement and Stress Management.  

There is positive correlation between employee engagement and increased business performance.  Taking care of your employees takes care of your business.

The average 9-6 worker spends roughly a third of their life at work therefore it is inevitable that workplace culture and environment will have a direct impact on their lifestyle and health. 

The benefits of our programs extend beyond physical health and your employees will also benefit from lower levels of stress, improved physical and mental health, decreased illnesses, improved financial wellness, improved self confidence / self esteem. 

Naomi and Lucy provide various packages and services which offer complete support for you and your employees which improves overall health and wellness as well as your workplace environment.

We at FMC are delighted to have partnered Naomi Buff of Naomi’s kitchen on what is for us an exciting time to develop our breakfast offer to our guests. We have worked with Naomi in the past and once again we have delivered together an exciting menu together with our Executive Chef Philip Joannes and Naomi, a “Light & Lean” breakfast offer that addresses the needs of a very healthy conscious clientele staying at FMC. It also continues to underline the commitment of FMC to innovation and customer satisfaction … Thank you Naomi!

Xavier F. Rugeroni - Regional Vice President and General Manger Fairmont Monte Carlo

I have met Naomi by coincidence a few months back and immediately proposed to create for my restaurant group a series a healthy , fresh and modern dishes. Her energy, beautiful smile and positive aura can be sensed in every she creates for us. Timing was also perfect as monaco really needed something its cosmopolitan residents were experiencing on their travels but could not find home. I will be only honored to grow her amazing approach to nutrition here in the principality.

Riccardo Giraudi - Monaco Restaurant Group

Improve the health of your employees

The Benefits

Employee Benefits

Reduced stress and anxiety

Reduced Absenteeism

Increased Energy

Increased Productivity

Better eating habits with balance and variety

Better fitness and alignment

Employer Benefits

Happier and healthier employees

Elevated work environment

Retention of employees

Decreased illness and injury

Increased employee morale

Increased productivity

Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Our unique programs are tailored to the individual needs of your company organisation to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of your employees.  By making productive positive changes within the 3 pillars of wellness will collectively increase the moral and working environment of your work place area and the people within in .

When your employees are operating on a higher level this will also inspire and motivate others to do the same continuing to increase the overall atmosphere and creating a happier healthier place to be.  The productivity and quality of your employers will continue to improve and your business will thrive as a result.

We will work with your employees in groups or individually to deliver fun interactive workshops, wellness coaching, inspiring talks, yoga and meditation classes to educate and motivate your employees to make positive shifts in their health and wellness life both inside and outside of the workplace.

We will motivate through cookery demonstrations to show them how to prepare healthy lunches and snacks plus where to buy healthier lunch alternatives. 

We will get them moving through our office yoga classes and teach them chair yoga. 

We will teach them breathing exercises, run group meditation classes and provide them with independent resources that will continue to support them.

Packages Available

We will tailor a package for your individual company needs to include:

1:1 3 Pillar Wellness Coaching


Health & Wellness talks


Nutritional Cookery Demonstrations

30 Day online support coaching program


Office Yoga Classes


Guided meditation


Breathing exercises to reduce stress

Who we are

Lucy and Naomi

Naomi Buff

Nutritional and Eating Psychology Consultant

Naomi Buff, a Nutritional and Eating Psychology Consultant found a healthier way of life at the beginning of 2011, after struggling with finding any foods that her toddler son would eat and eventually discovering his love of healthy juices which was her eureka moment when her wellness mission took off.  Her own health however took a turn for the worse when she burnt out from an extreme case of Adrenal Fatigue in 2014 so she now encourages a natural approach to healing as well as lifestyle changes.

Naomi’s wellness career began with teaching nutritional cookery courses to the women of Monaco (where she was residing at the time) and became their first superfood stockist (2012). 

Her workshops grew and took her into hotel and restaurant consultancy where she created and rolled out healthy menus for The Fairmont Monte Carlo and The Monaco Restaurant Group.  She has worked with SBM Offshore Monaco on their wellness days to promote wellbeing and balance in the workplace. 

Naomi also consults on a 1:1 basis and runs online wellness programs, group nutritional cookery workshops to help her clients find balance and healthier lifestyle choices.

Lucy Blenkinsopp

Yoga teacher and Health, Wellness & Accountability Coach

Lucy Blenkinsopp spent her early career in Retail Management managing Large Teams and Flagship Stores.

At 51 she had a change of direction and decided to follow her passions and is now a Qualified Yin and Bikram Yoga Teacher and Health, Wellness & Accountability Coach.

Lucy helps her clients understand the huge impact lifestyle, nutrition and exercise choices make on their mental clarity, mood and energy. By making small everyday lifestyle changes they will see big improvements.

Lucy encourages her clients to look at the food they eat, the energy they feel and the sleep they are getting and to regard their cravings with curiosity. Nutrition and Exercise and Rest are the answers to most problems in the workplace and accountability is where the change generally takes place.

Lucy is passionate about people being educated and supported in these subjects that make a such a big difference to productivity as well as staff moral.

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