I AM Superfood Blends


I AM – The two most powerful words.  What comes after shapes your reality.

Naomi’s Kitchen is the proud founder of the I AM Superfood blends which have been scientifically formulated by Dr Sara Palmer-Hussey who has uniquely combined nutrient dense superfoods and powerful balancing adaptogens for optimum and effective results.  The blends can be mixed in a juice or added to a smoothie, enjoy daily as part of a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle.


Why Choose Our Blends?

  • Our formulations are unique to the market
  • Our blends work on a physical, mental, emotional and cellular level providing complete support which is safe and effective
  • We only use plant based ingredients that are kosher and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Our range of superfoods are free from Dairy / Soy / Whey / Artificial sweeteners / Fillers / Synthetic vitamins and minerals.  The majority of the ingredients are organically sourced.
  • All of our blends are abundant in adaptogens.  Adaptogens help the body “adapt to stress” and work by rebalancing the body especially hormones and improving mood.
  • We inspire you with delicious recipes and blog posts
  • Pricing in line with competitors but superior in formulation.  Check out our testimonials and see what our clients are saying about the phenomenal results they are experiencing
  • Our packaging is recyclable and we promote environmental care.
  • Every time you nourish yourself with our superfoods you will be contributing to making a sick child’s dreams come true with a contribution to Caudwell Children’s Charity being donated on your behalf.

Our Range of Blends

I AM Beautiful

The world’s most antioxidant abundant super berries and collagen synthesizing vitamins for radiant skin younger looking skin.

A complete spectrum of detoxing and alkalizing super greens, phase 2 detox elimination support, liver protectant and bowel tonic.

Stamina enhancing superfoods and adaptogens for maintained mental and physical energy production on a cellular level.

Blend Benefits:


PROBLEM/SYMPTOM/YOUI AM BeautifulI AM CleansedI AM EnergisedI AM LeanI AM Superman
Weight loss
Sugar addiction
Fitness enthusiasts
Sports professionals
Daily detox
Digestive issues
Need more greens!
Frequent travellers
Health related professionals
Hectic social life
Adrenal fatifue / burnout
Yeast overgrowth
Signs of ageing
Poor skin / hair
Low immunity
Low libido
Low sex drive
Low mood
Concentration, focus
Strength, stamina
Loss of skin elasticity

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