Enzyme-rich formula packed with powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants to aid detox, while supporting an alkaline environment

What is it?

A scientifically formulated blend of carefully selected high quality functional ingredients in powder form, offering detoxing and alkalizing supergreens to help support digestion, immune system and liver function.  

Best added to juices, smoothies, coconut water/milk and consumed in the morning.

Naomis Tip

Naomi's Tip

I AM Cleansed is one of my personal favourites. It gives me a boost of supergreens and makes me feel strengthened from the inside out.

Due to the natural formation of some of the ingredients, you may find a few lumps in your bag – this is normal – just blend thoroughly before drinking.

What does it do?

Helps the digestive system

Protects liver function

Useful for detoxification

Aids the immune system

Supports an alkaline environment

Add 1 heaped tablespoon (10g) to water, juices, smoothies, non-dairy milk (nut, oat or rice milk) or coconut water.

Shake vigorously in a mini shaker, blitz in a blender or use a stick blender to whizz up.

Best consumed in the morning.

Barley Grass 
Contains chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes for healthy detoxification

Flavonoids for gastrointestinal health, blood and liver purification as well as vitamins A, D, E and K

Potassium, fibre, iron, zinc, copper and calcium for immune system support

Contains B vitamins and protein. Binds to, and eliminates, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides

Vitamin C, prebiotic, pectin for heavy metal chelation and liver protection

Potassium, B6, folic acid & Betalin for phase 2 detox, liver and blood purification

Green leaf stevia 
A natural low GI sweetener that boasts over 100 phytochemicals, terpenes and flavonoids

A strengthening nutritional powerhouse; contains protein and gamma linolenic acid

A detoxifying and balancing adaptogen thanks to saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides

Rejuvenates digestive track, clears mucus and tonifies bowels; antioxidant and antibacterial

Milk Thistle* 
Active ingredient is silymarin, which is well known for its liver protecting and detoxification properties and for aiding glutathione synthesis

Nutritional informationPer 100gPer serving
(1 tbsp/10g)
Total Fat5.18g0.5g
of which Saturates1.13g0.1g
of which Sugars7.6g0.76g
Dietary Fibre28.38g2.84g

Our entire range contains scientifically formulated blends of carefully selected functional ingredients that are kosher, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are:

Free from dairy

Free from soy

Free from whey

Free from artificial sweeteners

Free from fillers

Free from synthetic vitamins and minerals

This product is intended for consumption alongside a balanced diet and active lifestyle. It is not to be used as a substitute. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your GP or a medical professional if you are taking any medication or have a medical condition. Not intended for those under the age of 18.

The Science

Every single one of our superfood blends is carefully created using only the very best available ingredients selected for their unique benefits, based on scientific research.



“Just want to let you know how impressed I have been with I AM Cleansed. I’ve been using it daily in my smoothies and really notice how the combination of your superfood ingredients have a positive impact on my day. Look forward to trying the other blends”

– Lucy, Poole.

“I was a bit apprehensive to try Naomi’s superfood blends because I thought they might taste funny, but I was definitely surprised with how good they taste! I have been drinking the I AM Cleansed or I AM Lean blend every morning, shaken with lime and ginger infused water – and it’s amazing. Taking a few minutes to say the affirmations as I drink my blend has really helped me to slow down in the morning and set me up for a productive day. Plus I love the unique blend of ingredients – it’s not like anything else on the market”

– Rachel, Healthy and Psyched.

“I love Naomi’s Kitchen superfood blends. Cleanse is great in the morning, to set your body right for the day. Energise kicks jetlag’s ass! If you travel internationally frequently, you may find, as I do, that adjusting to different time zones can be gruelling on the body. A blend such as Energise will give you the extra energy you need, by supporting your natural body chemistry rather than messing with it”

– Kate Magic, Rawliving.